The next fully guided course begins in January 2021 - space is VERY limited!

This course is for anyone who feels...

- Surrounded by piles that seem to have a life of their own

- Overwhelmed by clutter

- Frustrated with piles that keep returning

- Exhausted just thinking about trying to clear clutter

- Surrounded by stuff you don’t know what to do with

- Sure you should get organized so you can relax at home, but unsure where to begin

- Unable to make decisions to reduce clutter

~ Anxiety hovering around like an unwanted friend

I've been there...and I can help you!

Do you want to...

~ feel more in control of your home and life?

~ have more time to focus on what you really love and want, like relationships, health, family and creative projects?

~ to have a more organized, less cluttered home?

~ be able to clean and tidy quickly and easily?

~ be a happier, lighter person, less burdened by clutter?

~ stop wasting time looking for things?

~ get help from someone who's completely non-judgemental?

During and after this course, you will:

~ Feel space open up within you as space opens up around you

~ Feel more in control of your life and future

~ Find energy you didn’t know you had

~ Feel calm when you look around your home

~ Be surrounded by things that bring you joy

~ Find it easier to make decisions, find joy, and clean your home

~ Overcome hidden mental barriers keeping you from being a more organized person

~ Have a professional (but fun!) organizer and wonderful community to support you

~ Have a more relaxed mind and body

~ Have more time for the people and things you love

~ Have more FREEDOM! In your mind, body, home and life.

Cindi says: "The most rewarding parts of the program were seeing myself succeed in organizing a room, drawer, closet or whatever I was working on and feeling the freedom of the stuff I got rid of. It motivated me to do more. Also, you Spring. You are so encouraging. No matter where we were in the program you were right there encouraging us to keep going and feel good about what they had done. You never judged anyone."

I've been a professional organizer for seven years and I'm passionate about helping people move from overwhelm to freedom, from chaos to calm.

So many people come to me after years of frustration.

They've tried organizing programs that don't last and read books that don't stick.

They've beat themselves up inside for years.

They know they need help but are embarrassed to ask.

They know deep inside there's a better way, but it always stays out of reach...


These are some thoughts and experiences that lead people to this course...

  • Have a feeling deep down that your life is waiting for you beneath the clutter
  • "I HAVE to get organized, but I'm exhausted just THINKING about organizing."
  • Looking for keys for the hundredth time & needed to be out the door 5 minutes ago
  • Want to be creative, but supplies are buried & there isn't space to do what you want
  • Feel guilty for not teaching your kids organizing skills they need for success
  • “I should clear this clutter once and for all,” then sit down and watch Netflix and/or eat a tub of icecream
  • Clear the surface clutter, but find it’s covered again in a week
  • Have “The Room” or “The Closet” where you might die of embarrassment if anyone outside your immediate family opened the door
  • Wish you could have a happy relationship but there’s no room for one
  • Have a bunch of organizing books on your shelf but just can’t motivate to sit down and read them
  • Read and watch organizing books and shows, get excited, but find it doesn't translate to your own home
  • Want to have someone over, but can’t imagine letting them see your mess
  • Buy organizing bins, then get home and realize you have no idea how to use them, so now you have a bunch of organizing bins AND clutter
  • Walk in the door and feel an immediate sense of overwhelm

I've seen it all...and I've been there!

My custom five week course will help you find the new, organized you

You have four options:

  1. Reserve your spot in the fully guided private course with me
  2. Sign up now to begin the self-guided course, or give it as a gift ($97)
  3. Join my mailing list below for updates, tips and inspiration
  4. Not do anything and let the stress continue to eat away at your happiness, health and time.

Ready to change your life for the better? :)

Both the fully supported and self-guided options include:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook group
  • How-to lessons in multiple formats
  • Downloadable + printable worksheets and checklists

The fully supported option also includes:

  • 4 private support calls with me
  • 7 group Zoom calls (optional but awesome!)
  • A bonus full day of organizing with support from me
  • Private e-mail and text support from me
  • Lifetime access to bonus materials

Hi, I’m Spring Courtright

Now more than ever, I believe it's important to create space that calms our nerves, supports our goals and brings us joy.

I've been a professional organizer for seven years and I love this work! I trained with Marie Kondo and love her methods, but I've studied and love MANY organizing methods. We do what's needed to get the job done :)

It often surprises people to learn that I can be very messy...

I have so many hobbies to make messes with: cooking, gardening, painting, furniture refinishing, writing, drawing, hiking, canoeing...and I've been a kayak guide for 25 years.

When I moved in with my husband with all our "stuff," I found I had many mental blocks to organizing, including a mean voice in my head constantly criticizing every move I made.

Since then, I've found some of the most creative, hardworking people I know have this taskmaster in their minds.

After years of trial and error, studying and testing organizing methods, reading about neuroscience and habit formation, I'm happy to say...

I'm now a deeply happy, organized person who can be deeply creative because I made room for it. 

Now I'm here to find what's holding YOU back!

I'll share skills to help you find freedom in your home and life so you can make all the wonderful messes you want and easily clean them up :)

It's been a great joy in my life to see my clients' lives transformed, and I can hardly wait to see the transformation in you!

Let's get started ~ there's no time like the present to give the gift of organizing to your future self :)

Course Curriculum

  Introduction - Do these before starting week 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 1: Preparation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2: Listening & Clearing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3: The Closet Monster
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 4: Taming the Paper Dragon
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 5: The Kitchen and Beyond
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Learn how to create order out of chaos


Learn how to create calm in every room


Train your brain to support your goals


Fully Guided Course


Early Bird - Five Weeks to Freedom January 2021

Fully Guided Online Organizing Course

Reserve your spot now for Early Bird pricing! (regular price is $1297)

This is a very small group that will have step-by-step personal guidance from me all along the way, with private calls, weekly group calls and special support emails.

It includes lifetime access to the course and private Facebook group, which is a wonderful, supportive community of people struggling with clutter, too!

Space is extremely limited.

Payment plans are available.

What is Five Weeks to Freedom?

The Fully-Guided Course Option offered January 2021 will include:

Weekly private phone calls with me: get personalized guidance and ask me anything! Participants often say this alone is worth the price of the course.

Weekly group phone/Zoom call: We'll have a weekly support call with our supportive, completely non-judgmental group of women. Even if you're not a Zoom fan, this is often a surprising favorite part of this course.

Full day of supported organizing with me.

Private e-mail, text and call support from me throughout the course.

IN THIS COURSE we'll problem solve, share tips and hold each other accountable as we move through the course videos, worksheets and checklists to our new life!

The Self-Guided Course:

Begin the course any time and move at your own pace. You'll have lifetime access so you can come back to lessons any time.

You'll also have access to the private Facebook group, where there's a thriving community of people who have been where you are!

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